The Road to Mercury

Countdown to Mercury: 8 Days to Go

Posted by mercurygame on January 3, 2011 at 10:23 PM

The development of Mercury has been a journey like no other I have taken. I conceptualized the game almost two full years ago while working on the quickly abandoned Level Packs for DOOMclone HELL. Shortly thereafter, was the release of Ever Shooter. The game, I thought, was quite fantastic. It didn't recieve that many plays unfortunately. Anyway, I began working on [R][E][D][2], planning on getting it out just barely a year after the first.... we all know how that went. My mind was set on something new, something spectacular, something that would take more time and work to create than all of my prior games combined. I began with DC Engine 3.5, a cleanup of the messy DOOMclone source. And I scheduled the game to be worked on over the summer, and finished for November of 2009.

Let's see: November 2010, and still no Mercury.


What's wrong with me?

But alas, it's really, finally, almost done. My hectic week is planned as follows:

Monday: Finished Act II Part 3

Tuesday: Finish Act II Part 1, start final Boss

Wednesday: Finish Final Boss, finish Level Editor

Thursday: Finish Story, create kick ass credit sequence

Friday - Monday: Polish, screenshot entire game, create arena mode if time permits

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