The Road to Mercury

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Countdown to Mercury: 8 Days to Go

Posted by mercurygame on January 3, 2011 at 10:23 PM Comments comments (0)

The development of Mercury has been a journey like no other I have taken. I conceptualized the game almost two full years ago while working on the quickly abandoned Level Packs for DOOMclone HELL. Shortly thereafter, was the release of Ever Shooter. The game, I thought, was quite fantastic. It didn't recieve that many plays unfortunately. Anyway, I began working on [R][E][D][2], planning on getting it out just barely a year after the first.... we all know how that went. My mind was set on something new, something spectacular, something that would take more time and work to create than all of my prior games combined. I began with DC Engine 3.5, a cleanup of the messy DOOMclone source. And I scheduled the game to be worked on over the summer, and finished for November of 2009.

Let's see: November 2010, and still no Mercury.


What's wrong with me?

But alas, it's really, finally, almost done. My hectic week is planned as follows:

Monday: Finished Act II Part 3

Tuesday: Finish Act II Part 1, start final Boss

Wednesday: Finish Final Boss, finish Level Editor

Thursday: Finish Story, create kick ass credit sequence

Friday - Monday: Polish, screenshot entire game, create arena mode if time permits

Countdown to Mercury: 9 Days to Go

Posted by mercurygame on January 2, 2011 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (2)

It's been a while since I've posted an update on here. And while I was neglecting the site, several things have happened with Mercury. For any of you who may only be following on here, know that you are missing out on quite a bit. It takes more time to write a blog post on this site than it does to post a really quick comment on YoYo Games. As such, it would be best to keep track of the games progress by following me on YoYo Games.

Firstly, I have made a trailer for the game, which can be found below:

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In it, I announced the potential release date of Jan. 11, 2011.

I am going to be trying my absolute hardest to meet the release date. 

Here forth, every day I will be posting a blog entry about the game, revealing my thoughts on the development process, sharing screenshots, ect.

But, most importantly, today I am releasing the Mercury Soundtrack. It's pretty epic, and I think it's a great listen. The artists over at the Newgrounds Audio Portal continually amaze me. You might notice that the final track of the Soundtrack is also used for the game's trailer!

Here it is:

Mercury Soundtrack

Some News: "Delay" and Second Level Editor Beta

Posted by mercurygame on November 10, 2010 at 10:47 PM Comments comments (3)

Originally posted on YoYo Games:

To all my fans: I am working hard to finish Mercury in a reasonable amount of time. Unfortunately, a solid release date is still unable to be set. While I have been aiming for a November release for months now, it must be noted that November was only an estimated guess as to when the game might be completed. As such, that guess cannot be taken as a promise. And the game cannot be said to be delayed, as there has never been a set date. Although the game is getting close to completion, I failed to realize how much time and effort I would need to spend elsewhere. I have been taking a heavy eighteen credits for my first semester of college, and believe me when I say calculus is a bitch. The development of DOOMclone IV also caught me off guard this year. While it had always been the plan for me to polish the game after Blindspot Software made the levels, I underestimated the level of polish I wanted to give it, even though it may not have needed it. The work then, that I did on DOOMclone IV, cut right into my development schedule for Mercury. It pains me further that I had to cut the third act from the game due to time constraint, and may still not have it done this month. I will be brutally honest about this: the room editor in Game Maker is horrible. Please realize the difficulty that it is crafting two story levels when the second story obscures the first. This may be remedied in Game Maker 9, but for now it is a great hassle. My forthcoming 2011 Moon Base (aka the Moon SDK) will remedy this. For the sake of transparency, I am announcing that the earliest Mercury will be available will be November 30th. When [R][E][D][2] and Jumper-Ball Evolution get released are a mystery even to me. But I will do the best I can to get all three games out before the end of 2010. I am sincerely sorry about making you all wait. I know 2009 and 2010 were slow years for me, but I promise that 2011 will be much better. -ZX (Nov. 2, 2010)

And a second beta for the level editor will be sent out Friday!

Small Update

Posted by mercurygame on September 29, 2010 at 12:42 AM Comments comments (1)

The level editor is coming along well. It is much easier to design levels with it now than with GM's built-in room maker. I will deliver a beta version to a couple of people Thursday or Friday. 

And I have now decided to completely reprogram jumping on objects. Hopefully it won't delay the game. But come Hell or high water (wait, Minnesota's already plenty of that!), this game is getting released in November.


Posted by mercurygame on September 17, 2010 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The title says it all! Mercury will ship with a level editor allowing users to make mods for the game. There will be a major limitation, however: mods will be single story only. This is to keep the game on schedule. I may add the second story into the level editor in a future update, but it's not altogether likely. 

So, without further ado, two teaser screens:

The level editor is, of course, not completely finished. But I plan on sending it out as a private beta as soon as next week. 

Once the game is released, I will make a new page on this website to showcase users' mods. The best mods will then be featured as "must play mods."

Major Change!

Posted by mercurygame on September 4, 2010 at 10:57 PM Comments comments (1)

As those who follow my random thoughts on YoYo already know, I was considering doping the third act from Mercury. 

I am no longer considering it: I am going through with it. 

The final boss from the game will be incorporated into the second act, and the game will round at at eight levels. This will allow me to finally finish the game and also add something really really cool! It's top secret right now but will be revealed about a month from release.

Mercury Preview

Posted by mercurygame on August 6, 2010 at 10:46 PM Comments comments (0)

I have committed to releasing the Mercury Preview on August 11th 12th. This could, of course, change. But I really hope it doesn't. I am so close to completing the first act of the game, something drastic would have to happen for me not to get it out. 

Oh, and there are now ingame maps of the levels...

Some Progress...

Posted by mercurygame on July 25, 2010 at 1:31 AM Comments comments (0)

This game is, unfortunately, taking longer than I had ever anticipated. Computer failure, data loss, senior year, a broken leg, and many many headaches have swept by faster than I can comprehend. 

But all is right with the world: the worst is behind, and the light is now quickly approaching. The game, from a technical perspective, is nearly done. There's just one problem: level design.

As of now, only two levels are "finished." Those two of course being the first two levels, the second of which was sadly completed nearly two month ago. 

What, what, WHAT!?

I know, it sounds bad. I have been focusing on the engine and not levels - which at this point in development, should be taking priority.

Luckily, I've laid out plans for all/most of the levels, two of which I have nearly completed. Here's a list of planned levels, and how complete they each are:

Act 1

Part 1 - Done

Part 2 - Done

Part 3 - 88%

Part 4 - 10% (Boss level, planned out)

Act 2

Part 1 - 60%

Part 2 - Planned

Part 3 - Planned

Part 4 - 0% (not sure what I'm going to do)

Act 3

Part 1 - 0% (not sure what I'm going to do)

Part 2 - 0% (not sure what I'm going to do)

Part 3 - 10% (Final Boss, some plans)

I'll be posting this list to the progress page and updating it every few weeks.

Right now, it looks like the game should be completed for a November release.

And speaking about release, the Mercury Preview may be delayed until mid-August so that I can get a few more cool things done. *cough*maps*cough*